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Easy way to get Starfield 100k Credits

There are many ways to get credits in Starfield, yet another player discovered an easy way to earn Starfield 100k credits, let’s see the details.

Easy way to get Starfield 100k Credits

How to earn Starfield 100k Credits?

One of the best ways for new players to earn some money in Starfield is by going through the Crimson Fleet storyline, whether as a spy informant or as a genuine pirate. A surefire way to trigger the quests is by taking some contraband items in Starfield, getting caught by the authorities in the United Colonies, and then accepting the offer by SysDef to become an informant.

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As players progress through the Crimson Fleet storyline in Starfield, they will eventually get a mission called “The Best There Is.” A Starfield player noticed that if one were to search the Captain’s Locker in the Jade Swan, not only would they find items that don’t count as stolen, but that these rare materials easily add up to around 100k credits in value on average. Some players have reported their earnings at 60k credits, while others have obtained something closer to 140k from that mission.

Following through the entirety of this faction plotline nets Starfield players a total profit of about half a million credits. While building outposts in Starfield is a great source of passive income, 500k credits is nothing to scoff at, and can help finance even the most expensive ship purchase.

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The Captain’s Locker in the Jade Swan cannot be missed, and some players have even reported that its contents can respawn indefinitely. Provided Starfield players don’t finish “The Best There Is,” they will be able to continuously reap its bounties.

Easy way to get Starfield 100k Credits

While players can just open up the console command and add any amount of credits they want, doing so disables achievements in Starfield. Robbing the Jade Swan’s captain may not necessarily be the most honest way to earn money in the game, but it’s a perfectly valid option to take.

Starfield is available now on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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