New CoD game will be confirmed soon

The new CoD game will be released in 2023. Activision has reached out to outlets to inform them about the next installment.

The previously revealed plan to “skip the year in Call of Duty games” will not work, so they have made many plans, including the new CoD game this year.

New CoD game coming this year

Recently, leaked documents from Activision revealed CoD 2023 plans. According to that information, an unannounced new Cod game would be released this year.

New CoD game coming this year

According to the latest information, the company sent representatives to the sales points and gave information about the new game. Although it’s not clear what kind of information they are offering at the moment, it is thought to be about the project codenamed Jupiter.

Until now, we thought that CoD 2023 would most likely be the sequel to Modern Warfare 2, maybe even Modern Warfare 3, and we know that it is being developed by Sledgehammer Games. According to the leaked information, a first alpha is planned for the game between May 26th and June 2nd.

Of course, since all these are leaks, it will be necessary to discuss their accuracy. However, commenting on the leaked information, Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson also confirmed the authenticity of the CoD 2023 information.

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