GTA 6 Ending Rumors Point to a Brutal Finale

Since the release of the teaser trailer for GTA 6, rumors have been flying fast and furious. However, the most intriguing one is a new rumor for GTA 6 Endgame. The theory that a character supposedly named Jason will appear in the game as an undercover cop could profoundly affect both his relationship with Lucia and the overall theme of the game.

GTA 6 Ending Rumors Point to a Brutal Finale

If the rumors for GTA 6 Endgame are true, a tragic ending may be inevitable

Fans think that Lucia’s boyfriend (Jason) might be an undercover cop. The strongest evidence for this theory is the police raid scene in the GTA 6 trailer. In this scene, footage from the body camera of one of the police officers is shown and it is speculated that this camera could belong to Jason. GTA 6’s focus on the theme of trust and Rockstar’s past tradition of including traitors and renegades in their stories supports this theory.

GTA 6 Could End Badly For Jason

If Jason really is an undercover cop, his relationship with Lucia is in grave danger. Lucia is a character deeply entrenched in Vice City’s criminal underworld. The revelation of Jason’s secret identity would be a major betrayal for Lucia and those around her, and would make him many enemies. Targeted by both law enforcement and the criminal underworld, Jason will inevitably have to fight on two fronts.

Planning an Explosive Ending

GTA 6 may include a conflict centered on Jason’s true loyalty. Players can watch as Jason and Lucia fight both law enforcement and the criminal underworld to survive together. This kind of ending would align with the game’s theme of trust and would require the couple to place ultimate trust in each other.

Of course, these theories are speculation for now. But it’s intriguing to think about how Rockstar will handle the dual-hero structure. The conflict between Jason and Lucia could result in an ending that would add depth to GTA 6‘s narrative and shake up the gaming world.

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