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How Popular Is Blackjack Online?

As a casino player, maybe you have thought about how some casino games are more popular than others. Sure, slots are highly popular in the casino space because of their simplicity in gameplay and the excitement of hitting a winning combination on the reels. But have you ever tried Blackjack? It may very well be way more of a thrilling casino game than a few rounds of slots.

To see how many hits you can get to reach exactly 21 or experience a bust takes much more strategy in thinking out what possible cards are still left in the dealer’s deck. Hitting 21 without busting is a thrilling experience, but it only happens once in a blue moon.

What is Blackjack?

Blackjack is a card game played with a deck of 52 cards. You need at least 2 players, but up to 7 players can participate at once. The game will start when the dealer distributes two cards to each player. If you are lucky enough to get an Ace (a card valued at 11) and a 10 in the first cards dealt, then that means you got an instant Blackjack.

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The dealer will go around the table and ask if you want to stay with your original hand dealt or draw a card. You can keep drawing cards until you are satisfied with what is in your hand.

You can place bets in Blackjack in a couple of ways. On any two cards in your hand, you can place a double bet, but you can only get one more card after that. There is also the option of a split bet on any two cards, which can include cards with a value of up to 10. This can only be done if you place another bet that’s equivalent to the value of your original bet.

How Do You Win Blackjack?

As all the cards get drawn, the player with the amount closest to 21 without going over in comparison to the dealer wins. Any winning bets have a payout of 1:1, but a payout of a perfect Blackjack is 3:2.

Depending on your hand, you may get a higher payout. For example, a Mini Royal of an Ace, King, and Queen of the same suit pays out 100:1. Straight Flush pays out 35:1 while Three of a Kind gets you a 33:1 payout. A Straight gives you 10:1 while a Flush pays out 5:1.

What Are the Winning Odds of Blackjack?

Based on the number of each kind of card in a deck of 52 cards, the winning odds of Blackjack are about 42.22%. The dealer has a 49.1% chance of winning. The four suits of hearts, spades, clubs, and diamonds contain 13 cards each which range from 2 to 10, an Ace, a Jack, a Queen, and a King.

How Popular Is Blackjack?

The #1 popular casino tabletop game is none other than blackjack online, which is also known as the second most popular casino game overall after the first popular one being slots. While it was born as a tabletop game, many casino players love playing it virtually, too.


Now that you know more about Blackjack, are you ready to try out an online gameplay experience? Compared to playing slots, you have a higher chance of winning Blackjack. Of course, not every win on Blackjack is guaranteed because of said higher odds. It all depends on how the cards are shuffled and dealt to each player which determines the overall winning possibilities.

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