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How To Change Valorant Password? (2023)

Sometimes you have to make some security adjustments in video games. In this guide, we will teach you how to change Valorant Password.

Players have to change their Valorant Password in order to keep their account safe. Riot account helps you to access League of Legends, Valorant, Legends of Runeterra and Teamfight Tactics.

Change Valorant Password Regularly

If your account hacked by someone, you should definitely contact Riot Games to reset your password. But if you wanna change your Valorant Password for another reason. We offer you detailed guide for that.

How To Change Valorant Password?
How To Change Valorant Password?

Step by Step Valorant Password Change Guide

  • Go to Riot Games recovery page.
  • Give required information and click recover.
  • Give the email you used when signing in to Riot Games for recovery link.
  • Click the link in your email address.

How to Change your password in app

  • Open your app and sign in to your account (If you don’t remember or can’t login to your account, click to “Forgot Your Password” link.)
  • Click on the menu section top left
  • Tap settings
  • Click on Riot Games account
  • Click on change your password section
  • Enter your current password and new password (Don’t forget to create a strong password)
  • Click on apply button to change Valorant password

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Why would you prefer change your password?

There are some reasons for you to decide change your password.

Security: Online gaming accounts are easy target for hacking. Especially if you’re playing a game which you spend real money or this game requires you to grind a lot. You have to choose your password wisely otherwise your account can hacked easily.

Safety: If you choose your password hard to remember or hard to guess, your account will be much safer.

Change often: You can change your password often to keep your account secure. So your account will be safe and it will be a hard target for hackers.

If you are looking for how to change Valorant password, check our guide.

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How To Change Valorant Password?

How to make sure that your password is good?

By choosing complicate and meaningful words for your password, you can easily make your own password. Keep in mind that it has to be memorable for you as well. In case you forgot in some circumstances.

For keeping your account safe, you also have to watch out for your email as well. If your email got stolen by someone, your all accounts will be exposed. So you have to choose hard but also memorable password for your email as well. Multi-factor authentication will be great option for that.

Using different passwords for different accounts increases the security of your accounts. When an account’s password is stolen, your other accounts may also be put at risk.

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