How To Find Mission Alone Sharp Weapon In Modern Warfare 2

In this article we explain how to find the Mission Alone Sharp Weapon. If you proceed as described below, you will be able to find out how to get the knife.

The campaign of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is chock with of Easters, familiar faces, and enjoyable surprises. One of the major shockers involves one of the key characters turning on the other members of the group.

The 13th mission in the game’s current roster of 17 is referred to as the Mission Alone. It takes place at Las Almas, just as one of the earlier missions, and you are obliged to play as the character “Soap.”

In order to complete this job, you must also acquire a sharp weapon. If you’re having trouble doing so, here is the solution.

Concerning the Mission Alone Sharp Weapon

This task is unlike any other in the game and is also one of the hardest. Because you will be stranded by yourself on the streets of Las Almas and must protect yourself.

There is a tonne of stuff scattered throughout the region, but you must remain undetected or you will be killed.

Because you are unarmed, injured, and alone, this mission is unlike any other in the game. Ghost is the only person you’ll be speaking to on a radio. Meet Ghost near the church.

Once you assume control of Soap, you will be dropped into a town square with a fountain in the centre. Approach the fountain when the adversaries have dispersed.

Go to the fountain, pick up one of the bottles and throw glass bottle to distract his forwards. You can find one of them at the edge of fountain.

When the waiting security guard in front of you moves towards source of sound, go through the nearest open door. Take the chemical and the bottle you will find in the shop. You will need them in the future.

Mission Alone Fountain

Ghost will be giving you instructions, so you’ll have to carry out a few of his requests. For these tasks, you’re going to need a sharp melee weapon to defend yourself.

Once you’ve used some pry tools to open a lot of doors, the sharp weapon and gun objective will automatically start. Open the door. Now when you are in the middle of Las Almas, Ghost will tell you to look for and get a sharp weapon because there will be many enemies there.

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How to obtain a sharp weapon in Modern Warfare 2’s

It’s practically difficult to leave there without carrying out some sneaky executions. Thus the following is how you may complete this quest with both a sharp weapon and a gun.

Look for a clothing shop on the corner of the street; it will be close to the dolce ice cream shop. Find the shop, enter it, and proceed through it until you come across a body of dead shadow company soldier.

Mission Alone Sharp Weapon
Mission Alone Sharp Weapon: Get into this shop

The corpse will be holding a knife in his head, which you can take.

Mission Alone Sharp Weapon - Modern Warfare 2
Get the Mission Alone Sharp Weapon from the body

This will serve as your first Mission Alone sharp weapon.

You will need to sneak up behind a guard, kill them with the knife, then take whatever weapon they’re carrying if you’re also hunting for a gun.

Now that you found the Mission Alone Sharp Weapon, it’s time to use it.

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