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Ixion Cheat Codes (2023)“Ixion” is an upcoming video game being developed by Bulwark Studios, set to release in 2023. Although the game is still in early access, you can find Ixion cheat codes and some tips below.

From what has been revealed about the game, “Ixion” is described as a space survival game with elements of management and strategy. Players take on the role of a crew member on a spaceship that is sent on a mission to explore a distant planet.

The game will feature complex systems for managing resources, crew morale, and environmental hazards, as well as branching narrative paths that will affect the outcome of the game.

The concept of the game sounds intriguing, and many gamers are looking forward to its release. However, until the game is released and reviews become available, it is difficult to provide an in-depth review or analysis of the game’s features and gameplay.

Ixion Cheat Codes
Ixion Cheat Codes: Sector 3
  • Ixion Cheat Codes for PC
  • Trainer
  • Resource
  • Technology
  • InGame
  • Cheat by modifying the save file
  • Set God Mode On
  • Does Ixion have a story?

Ixion Cheat Codes for PC

There are two ways for Ixion cheat codes. The first one is the easy way. Old players will know how to use a trainer. However, to put it simply, they are applications that allow you to make changes to game files through a program you install on your computer.

However, very often such applications can also infect your computer. For this reason, if you don’t want to use it, we recommend that you look at the second method.

You can find more Game Cheats in out category.

Ixion Trainer

You can use Wemod Cheat Engine. Wemod allows you to access resources and speed up your operations in the game without any effort.

You can intervene in many points. It offers you all this during the game.

However, Wemod is a paid application. It allows you to use a few cheat tables. You have to pay for the others.

Below, you can find the features that Wemod provides:


  • Unlimited Resources
  • Edit Alloy
  • Edit Electronics
  • Edit Polymer
  • Edit Food
  • Edit Waste
  • Edit Cryonic Pods
  • Edit Ice
  • Edit Iron
  • Edit Carbon
  • Edit Silicon
  • Edit Hydrogen


  • Unlimited Science points
  • Unlimited Hull Integrity
  • 0 Power Consumption
  • Max Trust


  • Builder Ignore Materials Required
  • Quick Building Construction
  • Quick Ship Construction
  • Quick Research
  • ZA WARUDO! [Time Stop]
  • Stockpile Capacity Multiplier
  • Stockpile Transporter Count Modifier
  • Can Add Resources in Stockpile
  • Disable Hull
  • Disable Trust
  • Ships Travel Instantly
  • Disable Ship Autonomy
  • Build Ships Instantly
  • Event Options Complete Instantly
  • Build Buildings Instantly
  • Disable Building Accidents
  • Disable Citizen Death
  • Disable Citizen Injury
  • Disable Citizen Starving
  • Game Speed

Cheat by modifying the save file

This is our preferred method. By modifying the save file, you can make many edits to the game. For this, you first need to find the game’s save file. You can access it by following the steps below.

  • Go to savefiles folder (C:\Users{user_name}\AppData\LocalLow\BulwarkStudios\Ixion\Saves)


  • Press Windows + R
  • Type (or copy) “%USERPROFILE% \AppData\LocalLow\BulwarkStudios\Ixion\Saves”
  • Press enter

Now you are in the Saves folder. Before editing save file to activate Ixion Cheat codes, don’t forget to backup Player.sav file.

  • Sort the folder by Date Modified. Open last save folder by number. You’ll see some negative numbers in the folder. They are autosave files. Don’t touch.
  • The first folder contains the save file we need to edit. Go into it.
  • You’ll see Player.sav file. We have to edit this file. Open Player.sav file. You can use Notepad. Just drop the save file to the notepad.
  • Search for “Cheats
  • You’ll see all you need under the cheats section. Change false to true according to your preferences.
Ixion Cheat Codes
Ixion Cheat Codes

Ixion Cheat Codes: Edit your save file with notepad

“allStellarObjectAreAccessible”: false,

“doNotRotateTorus”: false,

“citizenGodMod”: false,

“recordIn60fps”: false,

“buildBuildingsInstantly”: false,

“buildShipsInstantly”: false,

“canBuildDebris”: false,

“allTechnologiesAreUnlockable”: false,

“unlockAllTechnologies”: false,

“canAddResourcesInStockpile”: false,

“eventOptionsCompleteInstantly”: false,

“shipsTravelInstantly”: false,

“disableShipAutonomy”: false,

“freezeHullIntegrity”: false,

“freezeTrust”: false

If you examine Player.sav file a little more, you will see that there are many more sections that you can edit. You can make the arrangements you want by playing with the values under the sections such as technology and science.

When you complete to edit the file save and close. Restart your game. Tadaaa.

Set God Mode On

Report to the skeleton system console and type “WOW WHAT A GREAT GAME”. That’s all. You’ll have everything without Ixion Cheat Codes.

If you want to improve your game you don’t need to Ixion Cheat Codes. Just change it as you like.

Does Ixion have a story?

DOLOS A.E.C. is in charge of the search for a new home for humanity since Earth is on the verge of ecosystemic collapse. You, Administrator, are in charge of the Tiqqun, a prototype space station that has been abandoned by coincidence or fate and is now serving as a collapsing ark for the last of humanity.

IXION is a city-building game that calls on you to exercise caution, constantly evaluate and reevaluate, as well as learn and adapt. You must face space’s dangers while also learning about it and taking advantage of its resources if you and your crew are to survive.

But, there will be danger from both within and beyond; you must build, maintain, and grow the Tiqqun’s infrastructure while also managing the station’s populace and choose how best to respond to their cries in order to keep their respect for you and the mission.

There are no easy answers; your choices will have an impact today and in the future. The way you respond to those consequences will determine whether you live or die.

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