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Lies of P DLC teased

Director Ji Won Choi teased upcoming Lies of P DLC. This DLC will be the first downloadable content for Lies of P, continuing the adventures of Pinocchio in the city of Krat as he tries to find a way to become a human.

Lies of P DLC teased

Lies of P DLC informations

In September 2023, South Korean game developer studip Neowiz released a game in the Soulslike genre, which is the Lies of P. It’s unique setting made the game selling over one million after one month of it’s release. Lies of P is now considered one of the best Soulslike games among popular titles like Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, Remnant: From the Ashes, and the recently released Lords of the Fallen.

In almost eight minute long video, Director Ji Won Choi shared information about their future plans for Lies of P, which includes the details about game’s first DLC. After thanking fans for making Lies of P a massive hit, Choi revealed that Neowiz was working on an upcoming DLC for the Soulslike action RPG, and while he couldn’t reveal the exact content of this first downloadable content for Lies of P, he shared some sketches from the DLC. In the video, Choi states that the team’s “highest priority is developing the DLC and working on our sequel.”

Asife from upcoming Lies of P DLC, Choi shared information about the patch, which will come out this November. The update will bring a weapon balance to let players better enjoy the Weapon Assemble system, allowing them to craft custom weaponry.

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The November patch for Lies of P also aims to ease the difficulty level in the early stages of the game by granting Pinocchio the Rising Dodge ability as a default skill, enabling players to dodge attacks without having to unlock this through the skill tree.

Lies of P DLC teased

Neowiz is current hiring more members and make easier to develop world of Lies of P, which hints that more content will come. The studio announced a crossover between Lies of P and Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, bringing the Puppet’s Saber and the Etiquette to Team Ninja’s action RPG.

Neowiz also announced its intention to release a soundtrack collection of all the music from Lies of P, with over 60 tracks for players to listen to while they wait for more details about the game’s upcoming DLC.

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