Mastering Blackjack Basic Strategy: Tips and Tricks

Playing blackjack blends the skill needed in analyzing the probability that potential cards that you need could come next if you hit and the overall chance behind how the cards are shuffled in how the game goes. Refining a basic strategy for playing online blackjack is important for succeeding in the experience. First, we will analyze the details behind this basic strategy, its importance, and its components.

Understanding the Basic Strategy Behind Blackjack

A basic strategy for blackjack involves how to go about playing the game based on what cards are in your hand. Following this strategy is essential for reducing the house edge so that you have a better chance of claiming victory.

While the house edge is already about 0.61%, implementing a basic strategy by analyzing the probability of which cards will be drawn next could lessen the house edge to 0.50%. Depending on the odds, you could profit on your blackjack bet if you win it, but this means that the house would get about 50 cents to 61 cents for every $100 bet placed depending on the overall house edge of the specific online blackjack game you are playing.

Mastering Blackjack Basic Strategy: Tips and Tricks

The Importance of Basic Strategy

Basic strategy is essential because it is more enhanced if you are making informed decisions based on analytical probabilities instead of making guesses that could backfire your gameplay experience. If you don’t adopt at least some type of strategy, the house edge could be much higher as the dealer could win almost every time if you do not have limits on when to hit for another card or to stay where you are.

Key Components of Basic Strategy

Let’s go over the key components of a basic strategy. Knowing how to make your next move based on the current scenario is important so that you can be one step closer to possibly winning.

Hit or Stand

When should you hit or stand? It depends on the current card value in your hand. If the probability of hitting could improve your hand score, such as if you are currently between 1 to 11, give it a go by hitting. If your hand value is at 17 or greater, then it might be best to stand because the probability of busting could be higher when your hand value is already this high.

Double Down

Doubling your original bet before receiving another card from the dealer could help you to come out on top depending on where your hand value is currently at. While this is one of the more riskier plays in the game, it’s more effective to do it when you know you have the upper hand against the dealer.

Split Pairs

Say that you have two cards in your hand that are the same such as two 7’s or two 9’s. You can split them up into two hands and place a separate bet for those hands. It’s best to split up 8’s and/or Aces because of the values that they already have so that when you hit, there is not a great chance of you busting.


If your current hand value could cause you to bust, you can surrender that hand to start a new one to enhance your chances of winning. For example, your hand value may be 17 but the dealer already has a value of 9-11, so you may surrender to start a new hand so you won’t bust on the next draw.

Practical Tips for Mastering Basic Strategy

Here’s some useful tips to master that basic strategy while playing online blackjack.

  • Have a strategy chart with you that shows the best move that you can make based on the current hand value that you have. This can be a great resource, especially if you are new to playing the game.
  • Play online blackjack demos to get more practice in without having to risk losing any bets.
  • Remain consistent with practicing the basic strategy.
  • Pay attention to blackjack game variants so that you are in line with the rules of that variation you are playing.

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