Naughty Dog’s New Project Could Change the Industry

Neil Druckmann, creative director of iconic games like Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us, said Naughty Dog‘s next project “could redefine mainstream perceptions of gaming.” Speaking at Sony’s corporate strategy meeting, Druckmann expressed his excitement about the new project.

Naughty Dog's New Project Could Change the Industry

Neil Druckmann: “The Next Naughty Dog Production Could Redefine Games”

Following the presentation of Sony’s long-term strategy called “Vision for Creative Entertainment”, Druckmann shared some details about his new projects. “I’ve been fortunate to work on many dream projects, and right now I’m excited about a new project that is perhaps the most exciting yet,” Druckmann said. He noted that games have seen an appreciation that transcends all age groups and that the television adaptation of The Last of Us highlights this shift.

“The success of the series has highlighted the rich and immersive experiences that games offer. This visibility excites me not only for our current project, but also for the potential of games to attract a global audience,” he added.

Naughty Dog’s Future and New Risks

Naughty Dog has yet to officially announce its next game. Druckmann stated that the studio has avoided announcing projects earlier due to work-life balance issues. Acknowledging the intense fan demand for The Last of Us Part 3, Druckmann confirmed that he has a concept for a third game. However, he talked about his willingness to try new things and Sony’s support for the studio in this regard.

“You have to take risks to come up with new ideas that connect with audiences, and while Uncharted was a chart-topping success, it was important for our studio to innovate again with a new franchise like The Last of Us,” Druckmann said. Noting that SIE’s culture and philosophy empowered Naughty Dog to pursue new ideas, Druckmann said that art requires risk and he is grateful for SIE’s trust in exploring these new avenues.

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