New Island Coming to Palworld

The much anticipated Sakurajima Update for Palworld was unveiled at Summer Game Fest 2024. This update brings a new Japanese-inspired island, various new features and new Pales to capture.

Palworld’s New Sakurajima Island and New Paller

Coming June 27, the update will bring the Japanese-inspired island of Sakurajima to the game. It will introduce many new features, including Yokai-like creatures shown throughout the trailers, a copycat Companion, and new heavily armored allies.

Xbox Private Servers and Other Features
Dedicated servers are finally coming, something Xbox players have been asking for since the game’s launch. Pocketpair is excited to add this feature based on player feedback. However, no word yet on other requested features such as a PlayStation port or Crossplay.

New Content and Arena Mode

The update allows players to explore and fight more. A new raid, a Stronghold and another Boss challenge are being added to the game. In addition, the long-awaited Arena mode will be introduced, bringing PvP – Pal versus Pal – action to players.

This update is the result of Pocketpair’s careful listening to feedback to meet players’ expectations while bringing new adventures and exciting content to Palworld players.

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