New Xbox Console Will Launch at 2026

According to a new claim from a Call of Duty data miner, the next Xbox console could launch in 2026. The claim suggests that the console will include that year’s Call of Duty game as a launch title.

New Xbox Console Will Launch at 2026

New Xbox Console to Launch in 2026

“I’ve heard from reliable sources that the next Xbox is scheduled for release in late 2026. Most likely COD2026 will be released on day one,” said The Ghost of Hope. Call of Duty 2026 is reportedly being developed by Infinity Ward. It should also be noted that Ghost of Hope has sources within Activision, which suggests that this is where the information is coming from.

Microsoft has announced on multiple occasions that a next-generation Xbox console is coming. On an episode of the official Xbox podcast in February, Xbox president Sarah Bond said the company was excited about future Xbox hardware. “We’re investing in the next-gen roadmap,” Bond said, adding, “What we’re really focused on is making the biggest technical leap you can see in a generation of hardware, which makes it better for gamers and better for creators and the visions they’re building.”

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