Starfield Gameplay Revealed

New details continue to come for Starfield, which Bethesda company has developed for a long time and will position alongside important series such as The Elder Scrolls and Fallout. Starfield gameplay video was also released in the Xbox Showcase presentation, which included many highly anticipated games such as the Fable video. After the story trailer released during the presentation, a long gameplay video was signed in the Starfield Direct presentation.

Starfield gameplay video released

Starfield, where we will travel interstellar, explore thousands of planets and embark on a big new adventure expected from Bethesda, is coming to both Xbox consoles and PC platform on September 6th. Moreover, we will have the chance to play the game on the GamePass system from the first day.

In the game, which is announced that there will be more than 1000 worlds, the biggest question mark is how this system will be processed. When we look at the videos, we see that there are many different places. In addition, apart from the main planets, of course, we will have the opportunity to go to the moons of these planets.

As you know, animations are one of the most criticized aspects of the company. As it is announced that new animations will be used in this game, we will be able to play both in terms of FPS and TPS camera as we are used to. In the production where firearms are very important, of course, loot dynamics will also be vital to unlock new items.

Of course, another important detail in the game will be our ship. We will be able to make many adjustments to this ship, which is the living space of both our crew and ourselves. In the map system, intergalactic travel will be open as well as solar systems. As we mentioned at this point, we will have a chance to go to planets thousands of light years away.

You can take a look at the gameplay video below, which shows the mechanics of war, free roaming, space battles, ship building, base construction and important places and dynamics in the game.


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