Persona 3 Reload official release date announced

Brand new Persona 3 Reload trailer just released and release date has been decided as February 2, 2024.

Persona 3 Reload official release date announced

Just a few months before Persona 3 Reload

The new released Persona 3 trailer showcase highlights of the game, including specific characters in Persona 3 and pre order bonuses, which gave more information about this RPG game.

It has only been a couple of months since Atlus officially revealed that it was remaking the role-playing game. However, the Persona fan base seems to have already been expecting the announcement, given how abundant leaks and rumors are within the community.

Even though the Japanese company had only released the port of Persona 3 Portable from the Sony PSP to other platforms in January 2023, fans will probably be elated that their call for a modernized remake of the RPG was heard and taken to heart by Atlus.

You can pre order the game here.

The new trailer also included new footage of the RPG’s gameplay, highlighting the main character’s interactions and cutscenes with other Persona 3 NPCs such as Ken Amada, Koromaru, Aigis, and Shinjiro Aragaki. Snippets of the battle system and dungeon crawling were also showcased in the trailer’s footage, and at the end, Atlus shared information about bonuses and limited editions that will probably interest many of the franchise’s fans.

Both the official Japanese and English websites of the video game were also updated to reflect the different editions that are up for grabs. Japan is getting an exclusive Persona 3 Reload Limited Box which comes with a S.E.E.S. arm band, costume DLC, artbook, and OST, and can come bundled with an Aigis figure. This costs 17,380 yen or $120 USD without the figure, or 22,880 yen, which is roughly $160 USD, with the Aigis statue.

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An “Aigis Edition” has also been listed on the English site with almost the exact same bonuses, minus the exclusive S.E.E.S. arm band. However, Atlus has yet to reveal the price for the English version of the Aigis Edition, and there is currently no listing for a limited edition box that does not come with the figure on the English site.

For those looking to get digital versions of the game, bonuses include a mix of the OST, artbook, and Persona 3 Reload costume DLC. Standard editions that only include the base game are also available for pre-order.

Persona 3 Reload is releasing on February 2, 2024, on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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