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Star Wars: Dark Forces is getting a remaster

The classic Star Wars: Dark Forces is getting a remaster for current platforms, developing by Nightdive Studios. Nightdive Studios was developed System Shock so there is high hopes for Star Wars: Dark Forces.

Star Wars: Dark Forces is getting a remaster

Classic Star Wars: Dark Forces will be back

Star Wars: Dark Forces was originally released in 1995. The title ditched the main storyline from the movies to focus on the Star Warsexpanded universe, telling the story of Kyle Katarn, a mercenary who worked for the Rebel Alliance.

Dark Forces was considered one of the best Star Warsgames at the time. It was notable for bringing the popular franchise to the FPS genre and for its impressive boss fights. While a port of the original game is playable today, and available on platforms like Steam, no actual remaster has been made.

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Recently, Nightdive Studios decided to change that and announced the Star Wars: Dark Forces remaster. The remaster will be made using Nightdive’s Kex Engine, and it will have several quality of life improvements, including modern controls, 4K resolutions, advanced 3D rendering, widescreen support, and running at 120 FPS. Before now, fans of this title could only play it in 4K using a Star Wars: Dark Forces mod, so it’s a welcome addition to anyone who wants to enjoy the ultimate version of the game.

According to IGN, who interviewed Larry Kuperman from Nightdive Studio, the Star Wars: Dark Forces remaster will have a “popular price,” being sold at around $20 to $30, and it will be out for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. Kuperman also affirmed that the goal of the team was to bring back the feelings that players had when they first played the original game in the 90s and that they wanted to keep that experience intact while modernizing it to make it more accessible. Unfortunately, the title does not have an official release date yet, but more information is coming later this year.

You can watch the reveal trailer:

The Star Wars: Dark Forces remaster will be available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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