Best Sniper Loadout for Warzone 2

We have to admit that Warzone 2.0, the original Warzone sequel from Call of Duty, is absolutely something. As the new Call of Duty map Al-Mazrah is quite large, as you are all certainly aware, it is essential to have a best sniper loadout.

Possessing one would be extremely advantageous for you because you could basically import the snipers you prefer from the multiplayer of MW2 to the battlefields of Warzone 2.0.

Because Al-Mazrah has as many wide-open areas as Verdansk did, players have discovered that keeping a sniper rifle in their back pocket is helpful for taking out foes at all ranges.

The same holds true on the tiny Ashika Island, although though an SMG will probably be your backup weapon of choice there.

We’ll show you how to create the best sniper loadout for your Battle-Royale experience in this article.

Warzone 2’s Best sniper loadout

We’ll start by recommending the best in-game sharpshooter to you. You might need to unlock attachments for the same, to add to this point. We’ll also use a backup weapon after that. The best sniper loadout in the game is as follows:

Some of the Best Sniper Rifles in Warzone 2

  • Signal 50
  • Victus XMR
  • MCPR-300
  • SP-X 80
  • LA-B 330

With the sniper as the first weapon, the Signal 50 has arguably given gamers the best outcomes in terms of the weapon’s many stats. Boom. Combine this beauty with the Vel 46 SMG. Both your close-quarters weapons and your ranged weapons deliver a punch.

Going on, as we mentioned, we’ll be helping you choose the best sniper loadout, so the following gear and benefits are probably the greatest choices for you. When you need to rapidly complete an elimination and your weapons can’t be reloaded, the throwing knife is lethal.

How to unlock the Signal 50 in Warzone 2

The Signal 50 is one of the standard weapons in Warzone 2, and players don’t need to take any special actions to get it. But if they want to gain the attachments for the best sniper loadout, they will undoubtedly need to play with this weapon a lot and level it up.

If you frequently find yourself camping with the sniper, the claymore is your best bet.

Don’t forget to check our Mission Alone Sharp Weapon guide.

Popular Sniper Rifle Loadouts

There are several sniper rifles available in Warzone, but the most popular ones are the HDR and the AX-50. When it comes to building a sniper loadout, there are a few key attachments that you should consider. These include:

  1. Monolithic Suppressor: This attachment increases the range of your weapon and reduces the sound of your shots, making it harder for enemies to locate you.
  2. Longest Barrel: This attachment increases the damage range of your weapon, allowing you to take out enemies from a greater distance.
  3. Tac Laser: This attachment improves your accuracy and stability when aiming down sights.
  4. Sniper Scope: A high-powered scope such as the Variable Zoom Scope can be very useful for long-range engagements.
  5. Stippled Grip Tape: This attachment improves your ADS (aim down sights) speed, allowing you to quickly line up your shots.

Warzone 2 Perks Explained

There some good perks in the Warzone 2. You can find some of them below:

  • Double Time: Tactical Sprint lasts twice as long. Improve the speed of Crouch movement by 30%.
  • Resupply: Start off with one more Lethal. Give the equipment a 30-second recharge.
  • Ghost: This perk, is a highly important one. We strongly advise doing this because it will prevent you from showing up as a red dot on your adversaries’ radar when they request a UAV, on portable radars, and even on heartbeat sensors.
  • Overkill: With this perk, you are allowed to carry both the Signal.50 and the Vel 46 as your primary weapons.
  • Bomb Squad: This is an extremely helpful perk because it enables players to kill or evade enemy bombs before they may harm teammates or the players themselves.
  • High Alert: Similar to the Perception attribute in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, High Alert causes a yellow outline to appear around the player’s HUD when an adversary outside of their field of view notices them. The perk will also activate if the user is being targeted by an opponent Wheelson, IAV, or Chopper Gunner, although it does not alert the user to foes that have the Cold-Blooded perk.
  • Fast Hands: The last Perk 2 to be unlocked is this one. The player can change weapons, activate Exo Abilities, and fire Exo Launchers more quickly when sprinting. At level 43, this perk is unlocked.
  • Focus: You are a skilled sniper. In keeping with this, your weapon’s instability or the aim-down-sights movement would be your deadliest adversary. We advise choosing the Concentration perk in order to avoid this and guarantee that you have a higher chance of connecting with your bullets.
  • Quick Fix: Health regeneration begins as soon as a player is killed or a plate is inserted. The player’s rate of health regeneration is increased by capturing and retaining objectives. Survivor: When you knock out an enemy, it automatically pinges. Allies can restore you more quickly as well.
  • Tracker: In a lot of ways, the Tracker Perk is self-explanatory. Basically, all it does is track the adversaries. Although while this Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 perk isn’t particularly sophisticated, it can still be highly useful in a variety of situations. For a brief period of time, the tracker displays the enemies’ footsteps, and you can quickly determine where they are in relation to you.
  • Battle Hardened: This function as a hybrid of Tac Resist/Tactical Mask and Hard Wired from earlier games, decreasing the effectiveness of flash, stun, EMP, and gas effects. Prior to the 1.14. 0 Perk balance update, it had no effect on the immunity to Snapshot Grenades or the reduction of the effects of the Gas Grenade.
  • Spotter: You can hack opponent Claymores, Proximity Mines, C4s, and Trophy Systems to use their weaponry against them with the Spotter perk.
  • Scavenger: This perk addresses the issue of running out of ammunition during a battle. Since you’ll be using an SMG, this is likely to happen frequently. We advise using the Scavenger perk to avoid the same. In essence, you’ll be collecting bullets from foes who have been defeated.
  • Cold-Blooded: With the Cold-Blooded perk, foes will have a much tougher time spotting you. The majority of AI targeting systems and thermal optics won’t be able to locate you, which lets you launch a number of surprise assaults that give you the upper hand while facing up against enemies.
  • Strong Arm: In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, one of the Basic Perks is the Strong Arm. Equipment can be thrown further to get a better look at the trajectory. Because Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 won’t have Perks at launch, Strong Arm isn’t in Warzone 2.

That is all we have to say about the best sniper loadout in Warzone 2.0.

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