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Starfield New Update Delayed

Bethesda announced that Starfield New Update is delayed, which was planned to be released at January 17.

Starfield New Update Delayed

The Delay of Starfield New Update

Recently, Bethesda was announced there will be big new update for Starfield, but after that, recent announcement revealed this update is delayed.

Starfield new update supposed to be released at January 17 and it’s promised to be fixed over 100 bug fixes and other improvements to game. Bethesda did planned to release this version first for Steam beta.

Now, the studio has delayed this update. Bethesda community manager announced that the developer find out new issue about the upcoming patch and it has to be postponed. We think that this issue is not a serious problem since studio still aims to release this patch before the end of week.

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Before this, Starfield’s earlier updates generally released during the workweek. From this information, we can suggest that the new update will not be released after Friday, because pushing out such a release over the weekend would be an unprecedented move for the company.

This minor delay shouldn’t affect Starfield‘s 2024 roadmap. Specifically, the developer has promised that new difficulty options, ship customization features, and modes of transportation are all coming to the game this year, much like the oft requested city maps and Shattered Space, Starfield’s very first story expansion.

The studio is also continuing to work on Creation Kit 2, which will introduce official modding tools for the game and thus standardize the process of modding Starfield. The Creation Kit update was previously promised to arrive early this year, meaning it is likely to debut before most, if not all, of the aforementioned additions outlined in the game’s 2024 content roadmap.

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