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Starfield Big Update Will be Available Soon

Bethesda has revealed Starfield Big Update, which will be available the next few weeks.

Starfield Big Update Will be Available Soon

Starfield Big Update Will Fix Many Things

Starfield has already surpassed it’s famous times and player count dropped dramatically. But of course Bethesda is not giving up on Starfield, that is why they revealed an update for the game.

Starfield’s first major update will be available for Steam Beta at January 17, for beta testers to test it out and see if it has any problem. The update promises to include over 100 fixes and improvements, though detailed patch notes have yet to be released.

While Starfield fans wait for the complete rundown of what they can expect from the game’s first big update for 2024, Bethesda has revealed some of the changes that are on the way.

  • Over 100 fixes and improvements
  • Additional widescreen support
  • Improved textures, lighting, and shadows
  • Sun disk geometry
  • Planet ring shadows
  • Bulldozed objects reappearing when returning to an outpost

Starfield Big Update Will be Available Soon

It looks like this Starfield big update will mainly focus on game bugs. Bugged Starfield quests will be fixed, which was one of the most upsetting thing for gaming experience. Additional widescreen support is being added, with improvements on the way for Starfield’s textures, lighting, and shadows. Sun disk geometry and planet ring shadows are also being added, which should in turn make what was already an impressive looking game look even better.

This update is focused on fixing bugs, so that’s why it won’t bring players who already finished the game and went another experience. Luckily, there are many more Starfield updates planned for 2024, and eventually, Bethesda will release the game’s first DLC expansion, Shattered Space, as well.

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Bethesda will not abandon Starfield anytime soon, so players can look forward to see more from Starfield.

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