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Which showcase was better?

Microsoft and Sony shared their trump cards in showcases. After watching the two events, let’s take a look at which showcase was better.

We left Microsoft and Sony’s showcases behind. I think we should be at the best time to compare the two. When we compare both presentations, there is of course a winner and a loser. You guessed the winner: Microsoft. This opinion may not be the same for everyone, but I prepared the article by taking into account the shares of the players and the effect it had on us. in this article, I will not tell who announced which game or what gameplay was shown. Because I am preparing my article thinking that you watched both events.

Which showcase was better? Microsoft or Sony?

During the presentations, Microsoft generally showed first party productions while Sony mostly put third party content in front of us. Their own products were not the kind of productions that fans would be interested in. You can find the reasons below.

Let’s start with PlayStation Showcase. After the long-standing Sony-Microsoft litigation, it was disappointing that the company did not reveal any of the games we expected them to reveal at this event. There were three CGI videos presented to us at the PlayStation Showcase, but the fact that two of these games were prepared by two companies (Firewalk and Haven Studios) that have never released a game before left a question mark in our minds. Because we do not have the slightest idea about what they can put forward.

On the other hand, a spectacular 10-minute gameplay video for Spider-Man 2 was also released at the Sony presentation. This game was already the most talked about content of the event. However, we all know that a single game for PlayStation 5 will not be enough.

In XBox Showcase, more first party games were presented to us. We saw that Microsoft included 11 first party games, which is not something very usual. Another big reason why the presentation was liked was the fact that Microsoft had not achieved this success in previous presentations. We witnessed that Microsoft, which is usually criticised for boring presentations with too much talk, was well prepared this time and showed the games they could show without skipping.

Of course, Starfield, which we have all been waiting for a long time, is among them. Especially the fact that it is a game that many game lovers have been waiting for a long time shows why I enjoyed Microsoft’s presentation more. Besides, when we compare it with the previous XBox presentations and showcases, we can see that the company is much more prepared for this event.

Which showcase was better? Starfield
Which showcase was better?

The presence of productions such as Hellbalde 2 and Fable took the event one step further for all of us. Microsoft’s biggest problem here was that it did not include a gameplay video for these two games. Especially for Fable, a gameplay video was highly anticipated. Probably the problems in the production process seem to have pushed this plan to the next presentation.

Although Sony is trying to fill the gap here with independent game developers, there have always been big productions that players always want to see. Players are excited with productions that can both reveal the power of the device in their hands and put them ahead of other platforms they see as competitors. Although Sony seems to have started this rivalry in previous generations, it seems that it has not been able to continue this generation, for now.

In this respect, we did not have the chance to see a satisfying title (except Spider-Man 2, of course) at the Sony presentation. Of course, it takes a very long time to develop the kind of productions we expect. However, in this kind of big event that takes place once a year, we would expect Sony to put more titles in front of us to excite us. Unfortunately, the Showcase did not have a different look from the State of Play events.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Co-Op feature
Which showcase was better?

Of course, there is also the other side of this situation. Sony may not have revealed the expected productions to give a message like “Look, we don’t have such important console exclusive games” due to the lawsuit process with Microsoft. Whatever the reason, it is not difficult to say that Microsoft is the winner of this year, based on the results of the presentations.

You can watch PlayStation Showcase and XBox Showcase on Youtube.

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