Razer Naga Pro review

In our Razer Naga Pro review, we take a look at the general features and design of the gaming mouse that comes with different side panels.

As you know, one of the companies that comes to mind when it comes to “Gaming Equipment” is of course Razer. The Mouse, which is the subject of today’s review article, is the Razer Naga Pro model.

Gaming Mouse Razer Naga Pro review

Razer Naga Pro is presented to us players as a gaming mouse with a nice and simple design that can be used both wired and wirelessly. Let’s talk about the details of the Mouse together.

Gaming Mouse Razer Naga Pro review - 1
Gaming Mouse Razer Naga Pro review


Naga Pro; It has a simple, stylish and very beautiful design with 3 interchangeable side panels and a design that appeals to my eyes. Besides, I should also mention that the mouse is quite comfortable. Especially having an extra section on the right side of the mouse for your ring finger has made Naga Pro the most comfortable mouse I have ever used for me personally.


An indispensable feature of gaming equipment is of course the lighting. In fact, some player groups take this event so seriously that they even cover their chairs with RGB light. Naga Pro; Since it has a simple design, it does not have such a lot of light design.

Gaming Mouse Razer Naga Pro review - 2
Gaming Mouse Razer Naga Pro review

Apart from a small illumination on the wheel, the Razer logo on the palm of the hand, and the side panel with 12 buttons, there is no other illumination that we can see. Thanks to RAZER CHROMA™ RGB, 16.8 million colour options are also offered to you. You can use any of these colours in various colour transition modes from the Razer Synapse application.

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Three changeable Side Panels

To talk about the features of the 3 interchangeable side panels I just mentioned, the first panel; We can say that it consists of only 2 keys and generally appeals to FPS players. The second panel; The fact that it consists of 6 keys provides convenience for Battle Royale players and MOBA players.

The third panel, which has exactly 12 keys; It comes up with a layout that appeals more to MMO players. We can assign various combinations or direct key assignments to each key in these 3 panels using the Razer Synapse application. I think it is a great situation that each panel has a player audience. Let’s say you bought a mouse, but you can only use this mouse in FPS games. This would be bad for me.

Gaming Mouse Razer Naga Pro review - 3
Gaming Mouse Razer Naga Pro review

The Naga Pro has interchangeable panels, allowing you to have the best experience in almost every game genre on the market with a single mouse. Changing these panels is also very easy because they are magnetised. It takes a maximum of 5-6 seconds and in this way you can change your mouse from shape to shape. You get a single mouse, but it’s like getting 3 separate mice out of it.

Connection Test in Games

Especially if you are a competitive player based on games such as VALORANT, CS:GO, R6, Fortnite and LoL, I think you naturally don’t want your mouse to react late or disconnect in the middle of the game. Razer Naga Pro; It has exactly 3 connection options. These; Razer ™ Speedflex wired connection, Razer ™ HyperSpeed Wireless connection and classic Bluetooth connection. Wired connection offers us a classic wired mouse experience we know.

The Bluetooth connection option also offers a classic Bluetooth mouse experience. But the Razer™ HyperSpeed Wireless connection option is significantly better and faster than the Bluetooth connection. Any lag etc. is not experienced.

Gaming Mouse Razer Naga Pro review - 4
Gaming Mouse Razer Naga Pro review

I tried all three connection options in the 1 week I’ve been using the mouse, and I can definitely say that Razer™ HyperSpeed Wireless is the best of the three. There was neither a disconnection nor a late response. Razer Naga Pro worked quite efficiently in the games (CS:GO, Fortnite, R6) where I experienced the mouse.


If you’re using a remote mouse, I’m sure you’re wondering how long your mouse’s charge lasts. Let me state in advance that the Razer Naga Pro does not work with an external battery. You can use it by charging it with a cable.

I have to say that if you are going to use the Razer HyperSpeed Wirelles connection feature, the usage time of the mouse decreases, although not much. It has a usage time of 85-100 hours. If you are going to use the flat Bluetooth connection option, this usage time can go up to 135-150 hours. I think it’s enough time for both options.

Gaming Mouse Razer Naga Pro review - 5
Gaming Mouse Razer Naga Pro review


To summarise Razer Naga Pro review, Razer Naga Pro is for you if you play different types of games like me, thanks to its 3 interchangeable panel features. For example, you quit Diablo 4 and switched to CS:GO, you can immediately change the panel and continue the game more comfortably. The quality is already indisputable, the design is simple, comfortable to use, and the price can change completely according to your point of view. If you have enough budget and you need a mouse that fits what I have described, Naga Pro is definitely for you.

You can buy the mouse from Amazon.

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