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Sea of Thieves Monkey Island Revealed

Sea of Thieves Monkey Island meets players as another great pirate game announced at the Xbox Showcase. The expansion, officially called The Legend of Monkey Island, will begin airing on July 20. Billed as a three-episode Tall Tale, this game will be released monthly and is all free. However, you will need to own the main game, Sea of Thieves, to get the game via Xbox Store, Steam, Xbox Game Pass.

Monkey Island will also feature characters such as Guybrush Threepwood, Elaine, LeChuck, Murray the Demonic Talking Skull and voice actors from the classic Sea of Thieves franchise. Xbox explains in its blog post: You will be able to freely explore Monkey Island. In this game adapted with Sea of Thieves first-person view, you will also solve various puzzles. In fact, while it will be very similar to Sea of Thieves, the story, characters and gameplay will be entirely Monkey Island specific.

Sea of Thieves Monkey Island Revealed in Xbox Showcase

It will be the last major pirate crossover to come to Sea of Thieves after the Pirates of the Caribbean update in 2021. Developer Rare introduced the Monkey Islan crossover with a sneaky easter egg in its Pirates of the Caribbean update. In fact, the announcement was one that fans had been waiting for for several years.

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