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Ashley Graham / Resident Evil 4 Remake Wiki

Ashley Graham is a character who takes role in Resident Evil 4. In this article, we will talk about everything about Ashley Graham from Resident Evil 4.

Who is Ashley Graham?

Ashley Graham is an important character in the fourth of the Resident Evil series of video games. She is the kidnapped United States President daughter. She kidnapped and became part of Spanish cult Los Illuminados’ ritual. The main purpose for this is hijacking United States government by using the Las Plagas.

In the autumn of 2004, she kidnapped by Jack Krauser while coming home from college. After that, she smuggled to Valdelobos which is a remote mountainous region of Spain. She kept there for a while by Los Illuminados.

After receiving intelligence about her, President deployed former US-STRATCOM agent Leon S. Kennedy to investigate. Eventually Leon discovered that local villagers were controlled by parasitic organisms known as Las Plagas.

Ashley Graham - Resident Evil 4 Remake
Ashley Graham / Resident Evil 4 Remake Wiki

Not long after, Leon discovers that Ashley Graham is behing held in a church. After saving her from cell, they meet with cult leader Osmund Saddler. In this moment, the two learned that they were also infected by Las Plagas. Osmund Saddler’s purpose is to return Ashley to the President in order to infiltrate and command the United States.

After escaping Saddler and villagers, the two made their way to Ramon Salazar’s castle. In this big castle, Leon lost her many time. She fell in some traps, kidnapped by enemies and so on.

After defeating Ramon Salazar, Leon learns that Ashley Graham is taken to Saddler’s island. Leon makes his way to island to save her.

After their meeting, they found laser surgery machine built by Luis Serra in order to remove plaga. Removing plaga from their body erased all leverage Saddler had against them. After defeating Saddler, they left island with jet ski left by Ada Wong.

What is the difference between Resident Evil 4 Remake and Resident Evil 4 (2005) Ashley Graham?

In March 24, 2023 Resident Evil 4 Remake made it’s launch. Ashley Graham needed the most changes in order to make her more appealing. In Resident Evil 4 (2005), she always made the impression that she is the dead weight.

She were the first target against enemies. She couldn’t defend herself. Your enemies would always try to keep you busy in order to kidnap her. If there’s 4 enemies around you, 3 were trying to keep you busy while the other one kidnap her.

In Resident Evil 4 (2005), she had health bar. When she took damage, you need to sacrifice your health items otherwise she will instantly die. Yellow herbs are expanding your health bar. Except yourself, you also had to use it on Ashley Graham as well.

Yellow herbs were expanding her health bar as well. In Resident Evil 4 Remake, this feature changed. Now she doesn’t have health bar. She stil takes damage from your enemies and they stil try to kidnap her while you are busy.

When she takes damage from enemies, she just fell down to ground and you need to get her up. She doesn’t have health bar so you can freely use your health items only on youself.

Ashley Graham / Resident Evil 4 Remake Wiki
Ashley Graham / Resident Evil 4 Remake Wiki

In Resident Evil 4 (2005), Ashley was not a great partner either. When you drop down from somewhere, even if there’s a ladder, you should catch her. In Resident Evil 4 Remake, this feature changed. When you drop down from somewhere, she calls Leon to help, if you don’t catch her, she will jump down her on own.

She also takes great cover while you were swarmed by Ganado’s. She hides behind walls, safe covers and so on. She also doesn’t stay in front of you when you fighting. In Resident Evil 4 (2005), if she’s in danger, she would just crouch down and scream.

This feature mainly ends up either kidnap or you shoot her carelessly. Sometimes shotgun bullets can even harm her even if that’s not your intention. Ashley Graham also wasn’t running away from dynamites. Even if you run away while a dynamite was thrown to you, she would act later and ends up dead.

RE4 Remake Ashley is much smarter than that, she always take cover, hide behind walls and never puts you in bad situation.

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And there’s graphic and appearance difference between Resident Evil 4 Remake and Resident Evil 4 (2005) Ashley. Ashley was not a loving character in the original game. Most players just hated her. They even wanted to erase Ashley so they can play their game freely.

In the original game, she were a weight that you always had to carry and this weight was giving you hard time. In Remake, developers made her much like a partner. She is not a weight in Remake, she is your partner. She is not with you whole game in both versions.

In Remake, when she is not with you, you just miss her to be your company. That’s why Remake Ashley in the Remake became loved character.

Resident Evil 4 (2005)
Ashley Graham / Resident Evil 4 Remake Wiki

Resident Evil 4 Remake also has Mercenaries content, if you wonder how it that content, you should definitely check that Resident Evil 4 Remake Mercenares article as well.

Is Ashley better in RE4 Remake?

Ashley is definitely better in Resident Evil 4 Remake. In this adventure, she feels much like a partner. Sometimes she helps you. She cares for you and most importantly, she doesn’t give you hard time by her actions.

She hides to not become first target by Ganado’s. But still Ganado’s will target you first so you will be busy and not interupt them while they were carrying her.

How old is Ashley in RE4 Remake?

Ashley Graham is 20 years old in Resident Evil 4 Remake. The game takes place in 2004 and her birth year is 1984.

What are the changes to Ashley in RE4 Remake?

The first change that comes to mind is her appearance. She is far more beautiful than original. She also doesn’t have that earn ripping voice that always call for Leon. She barely says Leon, Help! line.

She still calls for Leon but much sad way so it won’t bother you. She also doesn’t have health bar. When she takes damage from enemies, she just fall down to ground.

You need to get her up in time. She also mostly hides when there’s enemies near and she hides very well.

Does Ashley have a crush on Leon?

There’s some scenes that implying Ashley has some emotional feelings towards Leon. Both versions has this kind of scenes. In Resident Evil 4 Remake, Ashley Graham says that she could become agent like Leon.

This line implies that she wants to become agent and maybe work with Leon. In both versions, Leon and Ashley developed such a deep connection throughout their adventure. Leon is Professional in his mission but Ashley always saw him as guardian angel to herself.

Does Ashley have a crush on Leon?
Ashley Graham / Resident Evil 4 Remake Wiki

What happens if you sacrifice Ashley?

In both versions, Ganado’s always try to kidnap her alive so they can finish their ritual. When you sacrifice her and let Ganado’s take her, the game shows you mission failed screen. You can fail countlessly in one section of game but the game wants you to succeed.

So you will play that section repeatedly in order to keep her with you. You can’t let that ritual to be completed.

Who is the scariest enemy in RE4?

Regenerator’s are the most feared enemy in Resident Evil 4, even in the Resident Evil series. Regenerator’s are seperated in two between them: Normal Regenerator and Iron Maiden.

Iron Maiden is different from regular Regenerator. Iron Maiden has sharp needles in his body covered. When he gets near you, you’re pretty much dead if you don’t play carefully.

You can’t kill Regenerator’s by just shooting them carelessly. They have parasites in their body and you can’t see them with naked eye. You need Thermal Scope for that. Normal Regenerator’s has around 3-4 parasites in their body but Iron Maides has around 4-5.

Generally one of their Plagas parasite is in their back. So you should either approach them from behind or shoot their leg so they will crawl. But keep that in mind that they can jump while regenerating. That’s where Regenerator name comes from.

If you don’t shoot their parasite, they will regenerate instantly and you will waste your resource. You need Thermal Scope, otherwise you just have to shoot their leg and run away while they are regenerating.

Normal Regenerator is scary but not too much hard to fight against but Iron Maiden is so much dangerous than normal one. Player should keep their distance otherwise that needles are deadly.

Why do they want Ashley?

Los Illuminados is a cult that takes their power from Las Plagas. In their belief, Las Plagas is the superior. This cult members would do anything to show the glory of Las Plagas. That’s why they show this behaviour against foreigns.

They kidnap tourists, people that don’t know about Las Plagas and so on. They inject Las Plagas to them, if they don’t want it, they just burn them to show other people how Las Plagas is powerful. It’s a cult that adores Las Plagas.

They want to rule the world. First they will start from United States. That’s why they kidnapped Ashley Graham. They will make ritual on Ashley, make her accept Las Plagas.

After that, they will use her to infiltrate United States. She is the daughter of President. They targeted her because of that.

Why do they want Ashley?
Ashley Graham / Resident Evil 4 Remake Wiki

Does Ashley dying count as a death RE4?

When Ashley is dead or kidnapped by Ganado’s, the game is over. You have to return your last save and play better. No other option. You have to succeed your mission.

What is the best ending in Resident Evil remake?

The best ending for Resident Evil Remake is saving all characters. With Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine will be kidnapped in beginning of the game. Rebecca will be your partner. You will see her sometimes.

She will play piano for you to unlock secret passage. With Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield will be kidnapped and Barry Burton will be your partner. Just like Rebecca, you will see him sometimes. In both characters, saving these two is best ending.

With Chris Redfield, you need to keep Rebecca alive and rescue Jill Valentine at the laboratory. With Jill Valentine, you need to keep Barry alive and rescue Chris Redfield at the laboratory. That is the best ending in Resident Evil Remake.

What is the best ending in Resident Evil remake?

We also have a article that explains Resident Evil games in order. You should check that out.

And that’s the end of their article about Ashley Graham. We explained everything about people wonder about Ashley and other Resident Evil 4 Remake features.

If you haven’t played Resident Evil 4, you can first try the original version then Remake version. So you can see differences between Ashley with first hand. We think you will enjoy both.

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