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XBHD, New Xbox Adapter Launches June 20

EON Gaming, makers of the acclaimed GCHD MK-II, and Super 64, have revealed their next flagship adapter, this time for the original Xbox, called the XBHD.

This full-featured, first-of-its-kind adapter unlocks the potential of the original Xbox for gamers worldwide on Tuesday, June 20, 2023 for $189.99 USD through Amazon as well as their worldwide retail partners including Castlemania Games, Retro Saga, and Games Connection.

XBHD Launches June 20

The 2001 launch of the original Xbox sparked an unforgettable era. Microsoft entered the gaming console scene, going toe to toe with industry giants Sony and Nintendo in the 6th generation of consoles.

Going on to sell more than 24 million units worldwide, Xbox offered greater processing power, internal storage, onboard LAN connectivity, and a host of exclusive titles such as the seminal Halo: Combat Evolved. Xbox was a force to be reckoned with and quickly moved from underdog to industry staple.

XBHD Launches June 20
XBHD Launches June 20

The XBHD pays tribute to these beloved titles with a robust set of features and the best video quality possible. Make use of dual HD video ports to host head-to-head matches or simplify streaming setups with no additional hardware or power required. Gather friends and recreate true LAN party experiences thanks to three RJ45 ethernet connectors, seamlessly enabling LAN support for up to four consoles.

Experience the original Xbox with perfectly translated visuals supporting 480i, 480p, 720p, and even 1080i resolutions. Additionally enjoy the flexibility of the MiniTOSlink 3.5mm port, providing clear audio through headphones, speaker systems, and even capture cards for streaming.

Key Features:

  • Perfectly translated HD visuals with no lag
  • Clean, noiseless Dual HD video output
  • Three Ethernet ports for seamless 4 console LAN support
  • MiniToslink audio output
  • No power cables or additional hardware required

“The Xbox was home to the LAN party.” said Justin Scerbo co-founder of EON Gaming. “The magic of linking consoles together to enjoy an expanded, connected local gaming experience was something that defined us then, and something we long for now. With XBHD, we wanted to bring that possibility back. Now, it’s easier than ever, and these classic games have never looked better.”

“I remember packing up my Xbox, 4 controllers, the cables, and an old, hefty tube TV into my small Miata, driving down to my friends house, and having a Halo party that felt like it lasted for days,” said Justin Chou, co-founder, EON Gaming. “Now-a-days, although everything’s become easier with the use of online matchmaking lobbies, I can’t help but feel like I’ve lost something magical. I miss sharing a living room with my closest friends and playing games all night.”

The XBOX HD launches worldwide on Tuesday, June 20, 2023 and retails for $189.99 USD via EON Gaming’s official site, Castlemania Games, Retro Saga, Games Connection, and Amazon, shipping worldwide.

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