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Outcast A New Beginning Release Date Revealed

THQ Nordic has announced the release date for the highly anticipated game Outcast A New Beginning. The game goes on sale on March 15, 2024. The game is a sequel to one of the first PC games to utilize voxel technology in the early 1990s and is set in the third-person action adventure genre.

Outcast A New Beginning Release Date Revealed

Outcast A New Beginning Release Date Announced

In “Outcast 2”, players will play as Cutter Slade, a former Navy SEAL with a 90s-inspired sense of humor. The adventure takes place on the alien planet Adelpha, where players will help the locals, the Talan, while fighting against robotic invaders.

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Released Trailer

THQ Nordic did not release a new trailer with this announcement. However, the latest gameplay trailer is already available where players can get a closer look at the fighting mechanics. It is recommended to check out this trailer to get a closer look at the game’s visual and gameplay features.

The publisher has not yet revealed the required PC specs for “Outcast A New Beginning“. However, this information is expected to be shared soon and we will keep you updated. Get ready for the release of the new Outcast game and mark March 15, 2024 on your calendars.

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