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Top Mid Range Weapons in CS2

Counter-Strike 2(CS2) is an FPS game with numerous mid range weapons that can shred enemies. You can purchase any of the weapons from the Buy Zone on each map to mitigate opponents from a safe distance. CS2 is a free upgrade to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and features maps like Inferno, Dust II, and Nuke.

Best Mid Range Weapons in CS2

Seasoned players of CS2 can reload their weapons between battles to save time and ammunition. Mid range weapons can be shot from various places on maps to penetrate the armor of your enemies. You can stop your opponents in their tracks by hitting them with mid range weapons without being seen.

Take a look at the top mid range weapons in CS2.

Desert Eagle

A Desert Eagle is one of the best weapons you can buy during the early rounds of CS2. It can be found in CS2 and earlier games like CS:GO and CS: Source, making it a preferred gun for mid range combat in local esports tournaments. You can easily take out enemies in the first few minutes in CS2 with a Desert Eagle in your hands.

Top Mid Range Weapons in CS2 - Desert Eagle
Top Mid Range Weapons in CS2 – Desert Eagle

It can cost $700 to purchase a Desert Eagle. You’ll need to stock up on ammo before looking for opponents. Each round of Desert Eagle has 7 bullets. Enemies can be shot in the head to get instant kills in CS2. Bullets from the pistol can destroy armor, reducing their health and slowing enemy movements in team fights.

The semi-automatic fire mode of Desert Eagle lets people get an accurate aim while walking around the maps. You can quickly fire a round from the weapon to kill enemies camping behind doors in maps like Dust II. Esports teams regularly use Desert Eagles in CS2 to earn more rewards for their kills.

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XM1014 is a shotgun that can be bought by both the Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists teams in CS2. The price of XM1014 is $2000 in CS:GO and CS2. It can deal a ton of damage at mid range, making it harder for enemies to escape. You can empty out an entire round of XM1014 in less than 4 seconds, obliterating your opponents before they can strike back.

Top Mid Range Weapons in CS2 - XM1014
Top Mid Range Weapons in CS2 – XM1014

The reload time of XM1014 is much faster compared to other weapons in CS2. You can frag multiple enemies with the shotgun to secure bomb sites in the game. Players can carry the XM1014 in Mirage to prevent Terrorists from planting the bomb. The entrance to mid and underpass in XM1014 are ideal locations to open fire at enemies with the weapon.

Watch out for snipers in the enemy team. Snipers can wipe out CS2 players with XM1014. Sprinting with the shotgun can alert nearby opponents, leading to an ambush. You can avoid locations that have windows in CS2 maps to remain alive with XM1014 throughout the round.


MAC-10 has a high rate of fire. It can mutilate enemies at mid range in CS2 matches. You can buy a MAC-10 for $1050. The sub-machine gun can derail enemies with armor on any map. It is an effective mid range weapon that can be used on Nuke and Overpass to increase your kill count.

Top Mid Range Weapons in CS2 - MAC-10
Top Mid Range Weapons in CS2 – MAC-10

Nuke is a nuclear power plant that has a warehouse, providing plenty of places to shoot enemies with a MAC-10. You can destroy enemies near bomb site A with the weapon to collect cash. The main entrance to bomb site A in Nuke is suitable for unleashing the MAC-10 on your opponents. You can move around in groups of 2-3 to avoid getting killed in Nuke. The ramp entrance in bomb site B and the garage are also good spots to get fast kills with the MAC-10.

You can hide behind cargo trucks in Overpass to be discreet with the gun. MAC-10 emits a lot of sound during battles. It has 30 bullets per magazine, giving people adequate ammunition to annihilate their enemies in CS2. The recoil of a MAC-10 can slow your movement in fights. You can alternate a MAC-10 with knives and grenades to move faster on maps. MAC-10 can only be purchased by Terrorists in the game.


P90 is a familiar weapon to many CS:GO and CS2 players in the esports industry. It has a double handle on the weapon, allowing people to blast at their enemies. The low recoil of P90 makes it a better weapon than MAC-10. It can hold up to 50 bullets per round, requiring people to reload their weapons much less during battles.

Top Mid Range Weapons in CS2 - P90
Top Mid Range Weapons in CS2 – P90

A majority of beginners will find that the P90 is more expensive than other weapons. The automatic fire mode lets you drill opponents in seconds for quick cash. You can hit the abdomen region of your enemies to deal the most damage with a P90 in CS2 matches.

Esports teams can equip a P90 in maps like Vertigo. The construction area in bomb site A can be a killing ground for people with a P90. You can also try the stairs in bomb site B to gain an advantage in Vertigo while carrying the sub-machine gun.

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